1956 – 2008

The Cotnari Wine is not to be drunk. It is to be tasted. It is divine promise. But when he accompanies a long feast, drunk with temperance, develops noble, amazing reactions.


collection wine

Throughout history, collecting valuable wines has been a real passion for many people who appreciate wine at its true value. What greater joy might be given to a friend who appreciates the wine than to invite him to his own wine cellar at a small tasting of old wines. Cotnari offers you collectible wines coming directly from the manufacturer’s reserve.

12 alcohol volume
Serving 8-10 °C
Preservation 5-15 °C
wooden box

Stories written and
left out of date!

At Cotnari, the wine is aging patiently in oak barrels, sheltered in cool and forgotten wine cellars. With more than one million bottles, many of them older than the resting place, the vinoteque impresses with collection ranges. Cotnari wines whisper the secrets of the millenary tradition and validate the past from the perspective of the present, giving life to the most beautiful experiences.
Rich in history, this liquid gold carries in it the sunlight and the goodness of the earth, and something in the soul of the man.

We look forward to discovering the old Cotnari wines!