Wine preparation

step 1

The first step is to choose wine and interpret its specific data. If it is white wine, the serving temperature is recommended to be between 8 and 10 ° C. If it is red wine, the recommended temperature is between 16 and 18 ° C. The cup stays on the foot. If the cup is touched by the skin, the latter can influence the temperature of the wine and can alter its qualities.

Wine analysis

step 2

First of all, in a wine we first notice the appearance, namely color and clarity. It is usually used as a marker for a wall or white panel in good light, but this can vary and you can use any surface as light as possible. Thus, it is much easier to notice the clarity of the wine and its color, if it is intense, uniform, or washed, with some discrepancies. In principle, the color of wine is given by its age, by the time spent in agriculture or by the variety of grapes in the composition.


The first nose

step 3

The third step in the wine tasting process is the first nose, namely the evaluation of the first flavor, felt immediately after it was poured into the glass without stirring it. The main thing to note when a wine is smelled is the bouquet, represented by different flavors, such as spices, fruits or flowers.

The second nose

step 4

The next step is turning the wine into a glass. It intensifies the contact between wine and air, thus amplifying all flavors. The second nose is recommended immediately after turning the wine. Wines, with different personalities, will give each nose a rich variety of flavors.



step 5

Now if you have gone through all the other steps, it is time to take the real meaning of the word. What you need to consider is that the language is divided into four sections, each responsible for recognizing a certain type of taste. So, when you start to taste, it gently drips out of the glass like a straw and walks the wine in your mouth so that it touches all the taste buds. You should feel a burst of flavors, which, after swallowing the wine, will diminish, but will leave a balanced flavor.