Visits to the winery in the current pandemic context
Due to the situation in our country, we take special measures to protect employees and those who want to visit our winery. Thus, it is possible to visit the winery safely, for limited groups, and only with prior reservation.
Fortress Cătălina

It is a 4th century traco-getic fortress before Christ. Exceptional edifice with stone fortification elements, the fortress is considered a monument of category A.

The necropolis of Cucuteni

Surface dwellings with native archaeological vestiges discovered at Cucuteni astonish today so much the scientific world that it speaks of “cucutenian art”. At the center of the Tumulus field on the Gosan Hill lies the main grave, considered princely due to the monumentality of the unique stone construction in the country.

The ruins of Despot-Voda’s church

The first college in the country was founded by Despot-Vodă at Cotnari in 1562. Known as the “Academy” or “Latin School”, the College was attended by approximately 150-200 students from all over Moldova in the first year of activity.

Church of St. Parascheva

The legend says that Stephen the Great, Lord of Moldavia, wishing to build a church, climbed one of the Cotnari hills and fired the bow. The place where the arrow fell, was raised from his command, the Church of Saint Parascheva between 1491-1493.

Cârjoaia Castle

Built by Vlădoianu, former governor of the National Bank in 1901.

Castle with Campanelle

Begun by the Wine Growers Association in the vineyard of 1938-1939 and finished after the Second World War.


Throughout history, collecting valuable wines has been a real passion for a lot of people who appreciate wine for its true value.

Cellars from COTNARI

The 15 coins lie on an area of over 2 km and represent the main attraction of the tourists. The oldest wines date back to 1957.


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